Who We Are

Conway Energy is a full service building science consulting firm dedicated to high performance multi-family and single family construction. Our specialties include pre-construction design reviews, quality assurance visits throughout the construction process, evaluation of sustainable building practices, and training focused on cost-effective, sustainable and efficient construction procedures.  Our building forensics expertise includes moisture, mold, comfort, indoor air quality, and excessive energy usage issues.

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Our Passion

The desire for a safe and comfortable home is universal. It transcends continents, cultures, ages and all walks of life. As the foundation of our lives, home is where we can truly be ourselves – where we laugh, we cry, create memories, vacuum naked, and watch the latest viral cat video.

It is not the beauty of a building you should solely measure its greatness by.  It’s the virtually invisible, and often unappreciated details, that enhance the beauty and will truly allow the home to stand the test of time.

No matter if it is young or old, a 150 square foot tiny house, a standard single-family house or a 12-story high rise – since day one, our passion at Conway Energy has been healthy, safe, comfortable, and energy efficient homes.  We specialize in the science of turning a house into a home.