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Who We Are

Conway Energy is a full service building science consulting firm dedicated to high performance multi-family and single family construction. Our specialties include pre-construction design reviews, quality assurance visits throughout the construction process, evaluation of sustainable building practices, and training focused on cost-effective, sustainable and efficient construction procedures.  Our building forensics expertise includes moisture, mold, comfort, indoor air quality, and excessive energy usage issues.

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Our Passion

The desire for a safe and comfortable home is universal. It transcends continents, cultures, ages and all walks of life. As the foundation of our lives, home is where we can truly be ourselves – where we laugh, we cry, create memories, vacuum naked, and watch the latest viral cat video.

It is not the beauty of a building you should solely measure its greatness by.  It’s the virtually invisible, and often unappreciated details, that enhance the beauty and will truly allow the home to stand the test of time.

No matter if it is young or old, a 150 square foot tiny house, a standard single-family house or a 12-story high rise – since day one, our passion at Conway Energy has been healthy, safe, comfortable, and energy efficient homes.  We specialize in the science of turning a house into a home.


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Buildings Are Complex 

You tweak one issue and it either fixes the problem or highlights another.  To properly diagnose moisture, mold, musty odors, comfort issues, indoor air quality, and excessive energy usage requires experience, state-of-the-art Inspector Gadget Tools, understanding how the building’s systems work together, and most importantly common sense.  Fortunately, the experts at Conway Energy have heavy doses (and certifications) of all those things. 





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Simplicity Through Communication

Buildings are a system of key interactive materials with very specific applications.  Now add in all the key players involved in getting the job done – from the architect to the window installers to the building inspector to the HVAC contractor.  What seems like a simple task can easily get lost in translation.  We strive for simplicity through common sense communication.  At Conway Energy we speak geek, building codes, Klingon, design, job-site, Passive House, physics, Energy Star, and most importantly homeowner and building owner.  We make sure everyone involved on the project is on the same page! 



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Third Party Verified

There are several different reasons to have your building certified – sustainability, environmental impacts, energy savings, indoor air quality, because being green is just downright sexy, etc… No matter what your motivation is, our extensive knowledge, keen analytical ability, and solid boots-on-the-ground experience ensures your project meets all the certification guidelines every step of the way.  Whether it is Passive House, HERS Ratings, LEED for Homes, Energy Star or EarthCraft Virginia – Conway Energy is here for you! 


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