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Multi-Family Investigation

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Individually and Collectively 

 In multi-family buildings, it’s important to understand how each of the units are operating – individually and collectively.  Due to the complexity of these buildings, as well as their sensitivities – from the people occupying them during the time of work to historical considerations – it is crucial to work with a company with extensive forensic investigation experience.  With over 5,000 multi-family units under our belts we have that experience, and combined with the most advanced diagnostic tools available today, we are able to approach each project with unparalleled thoroughness. 
 The level of effort required for your investigation is often dictated by the complexity of the problem.  We will help navigate you through the options and potential scope to best meet your requirements! 

Solve Tenant Energy and Comfort Complaints | Diagnose Moisture Related Problems | Lower Property Energy Bills | Provide Value Based Advice | + many more!

Multi-Family Education


“Not My Circus – Not My Monkeys”

We see this all the time on multi-family new construction and renovation projects.  Everyone is focused on what their tasks are at hand – not thinking about the end result and how it will affect the long-term performance of the building.  We go beyond ‘because I said so.”  The experts at Conway Energy specializes in working with all parties to implement strategies and processes so nothing is compromised.  These initiatives lower operating costs that result in better bottom lines for building owners and managers, plus lower costs of living and increased comfort for tenants.
Education is provided in many flexible formats in order to best solve your projects needs.  We can meet with you one-on-one, attend a project team meeting, or even better we can meet you on site.  Our goal is to ensure that you walk away with a full understanding of the topic at hand.  Below is a list of but a few of the topics we provide training for.

Educate Me! 

MD Code Tightness (3 ACH50)  | Solving Moisture Problems | Ventilation Strategies | Air Sealing Pre and Post Drywall Green Certification Comparisons+ many more!



Multi-Family Certification

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A Key Member of Your Team 

The experts at Conway Energy help you make decisions that save money, improve long-term performance, reduce maintenance costs, and streamline the certification process.  From analyzing the initial building design to working with job-site installers to final testing – our attention to detail and careful management of the entire process ensures your success.  This results in better performing buildings with less effort and cost

Every certification we offer is unique and glorious in their own right but some may fit your project better.  We are happy to provide sage advice and help you determine which one is right for you.  Below are the certifications and services that Conway Energy is proud (and fully licensed and accredited) to provide.

Certify My Project!  

EarthCraft Virginia | Energy Star v3.0/v3.1 | HERS Ratings | Passive House | LEED for Homes | Energy Modeling and Optimization | Project Planning Sessions | + many more!