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Your Home Has a Story to Tell 

We all have very intimate relationships with our homes.  You know when something just isn’t working correctly.  You may be experiencing high energy bills, uncomfortable rooms, mold, moisture, and other indoor air quality issues.  Conway Energy offers a comprehensive, whole home approach to investigating and identifying these problems.  We provide a clear road map of customized solutions to boost comfort, lower energy bills, and help ensure your home is safe and healthy.  Our in-depth investigation includes: a visual inspection (and we don’t mean just any old I-Spy glance – ours has been perfected through hundreds of assessments), diagnostic testing, and a customized, prioritized report with tangible solutions. 
The extent of your investigation is often dictated by the complexity of the problem.  We will help navigate you through the options and potential scope to best meet your needs! Below are just some of the problems we solve.

Investigate Now!

Ice Damming | Cold spots | Moisture Related Problems | Drafty spots | Condensation on windows | Temperature Differences around Home | + many more!


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“O Captain! My Captain!”

The successful construction of a comfortable, healthy, and efficiently designed home goes well beyond the blue prints.  It depends largely on the knowledge, commitment, and contributions of all those who are involved – from the architect to the HVAC contractor to the insulation crew.  Conway Energy ensures everyone who touches your home understands the goals and is executing their tasks in order to meet them.  What does this mean?  Well, did you know that sealing air leaks in the home can help reduce future energy expenses by up to 30%?  Did we mention that the same air sealing effort leads to other benefits like: elimination of hot and cold spots, and less bugs, dust and  allergens?!  That’s just barely scratching the surface of all the things we can help with to make your home even better.
Education is provided in many flexible formats and at different levels so that we can best solve your needs.  We can meet with you one-on-one in the comfort of your home, attend a project team meeting, or even video conference – whatever is most convenient for you!  Our goal is to ensure that you walk away with a full understanding of the topic at hand.  Below is a list of but a few of the training topics we provide.

Teach Me! 

Green Building Certifications | Build Tight, Ventilate Right | Selecting HVAC Equipment | Optimizing Insulation Levels | Best Value Decisions | + many more!


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Your Personal Unbiased Certifier

There are many steps that can be taken to build an energy efficient, comfortable, and healthy home.  One path to help you achieve this is to have your home certified.  There are several certification programs that focus on sustainable, high-performance houses.  Confused on which one is best for you?  Wondering if you need to have your home certified to get the home of your dreams?  It can be challenging and time consuming determining if you should have your home certified and if so, which programs are most credible and applicable to your personal goals.  The experts at Conway Energy are your personal advisers in delivering the most energy efficient and comfortable home – certification or not! 

Every certification we offer is unique and glorious in their own right but some may fit your home better.  We are happy to discuss the pros and cons and help you determine which one is just right for you.  Below are the certifications and services that Conway Energy is proud (and fully licensed and accredited) to provide.

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