Multi-Family Investigation

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Individually and Collectively 

 In multi-family buildings, it’s important to understand how each of the units are operating – individually and collectively.  Due to the complexity of these buildings, as well as their sensitivities – from the people occupying them during the time of work to historical considerations – it is crucial to work with a company with extensive forensic investigation experience.  With over 5,000 multi-family units under our belts we have that experience, and combined with the most advanced diagnostic tools available today, we are able to approach each project with unparalleled thoroughness. 
 The level of effort required for your investigation is often dictated by the complexity of the problem.  We will help navigate you through the options and potential scope to best meet your requirements! 

Solve Tenant Energy and Comfort Complaints | Diagnose Moisture Related Problems | Lower Property Energy Bills | Provide Value Based Advice | + many more!